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Fighting Hunger...Feeding Hope

This past holiday season, Oak Ridge contributed to the donation of over 35,000 meals to The San Antonio Food Bank. The mission of the San Antonio Food Bank is to fight hunger in Southwest Texas through food distribution, programs, education, and advocacy. Through this donation, we discovered how much of an impact our community can make on the lives of those who are underserved.

To learn more about how you get involved, please visit The San Antonio Food Bank.

The San Antonio Food Bank Helps Close The Meal Gap


The San Antonio Food Bank is a 501c3 non-profit organization providing millions of pounds of food to more than 500 charitable organizations in Southwest Texas serving those in need. In addition to food distribution, the San Antonio Food Bank provides numerous programs that not only solve the immediate problems of hunger, but help individuals and families gain long-term food security.

Who receives emergency food assistance?

  • 36% of our clients are children, under the age of 18 years old
  • 46% of households include at least one employed adult
  • 67% have incomes below the federal poverty level during the previous month
  • 8% are homeless
  • About 22% of clients are non-Hispanic white, 7% are non-Hispanic black, 69% are Hispanic, and the rest are from other racial groups